Worsley Park Marriott Hotel & Country Club - Grill Menu... EL Reviews....

was invited to the Worsley Park Marriott Hotel & Country Club to try out their new Grill menu. I'd been recently to try out their breakfast menu, which was a real treat, easily the best breakfast out I ever had, so was really keen to accept the invite.

I took my little pal from work. I picked her up from Uni, and in a quick trip on the M60, a couple of junctions, we were there. What's funny despite it being so very close to the Worsley M60 roundabout, it doesn't feel that way. It has a very rural feel to it, but is in fact very accessible. So (camera-shy) Aisha and I turned up for Monday dinner out! The grounds are lovely, really calming and green. Lots of (free) parking, making a change from trying to park in town and taking a hit £££.

First off, cocktail making lessons, this was interesting, did you know, Tom Cruise actually didn't start the craze back in the 80s!  No, they've been around since 1800s.  There is a difference between shaking and stirring... it seems bartenders need to shake them over their shoulders for taste, they aren't just showing off.  Fizzy fizz no shaking.... explode... gentle stir... I've got all the skills. 

Looking like I know what I'm doing... I had someone in my ear...

Made by my own fair hand #Cosmo

The food was exceptional, really, really very tasty.  The fajitas were to die for and served so very attractively. The others on my table were big meat and steak types, their food looked great and reports were they got exactly what they wanted, I learnt a new term, 'blue', this is not even really cooked steak, quick flash in the pan, this instruction was followed to the letter. 

Service from our waiter was really very nice, in fact all staff were pleasant and not over-bearing, a calm unhurried service.  Show stopper was pudding.... the chocolate pot... you know me, I'm the worst food blogger for photos, but even I took a photo. Despite being full to burst (I don't usually have three courses on a Monday night), I couldn't resist and ate every bite of this desert.  Chocolate spoon #genius.  All other spoons are lesser to me now. 

The decor is lovely, it has a swanky yet comfortable appeal, tables are not squeezed in like so many places in town.  It felt nice to have room.  When I came along with my little girl for breakfast, she planned her wedding there, at 11 it's good she's getting organised. 

Without question give this restaurant a try, the drinks are top notch, service great and food excellent.  Live music to boot... really there is no need to go into town.... Book your table here

xx Emma-Lou 


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