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Thoughtful Mothering Sunday

Grateful I get to be mummy to these kids, who bring me love and joy every single day..... And, thinking of my mum, who I always miss with sorrow of not quite nailing mother/ daughter.     xx Emma-Lou

Family walk.... even if they don't like it.... family walk....

Trying very hard for less hurry and rush and have weekends feel like weekends, restful and that...... xx Emma-Lou 

Judgy judgy judgmental

Musing on my drive into work the other day; it's where I do my best thinking...  I would say I was a kind, considerate, wonderful driver.  I happily let in one or two cars most mornings, sometimes even three (the car behind would usually get the hump on three tbh).  I smile and wave and am generally a pleasure to have on the road... This week, on a particular tricky junction I let my usual amount of cars in, thinking as per... what a wonderful person I am... when I noticed the car I'd let in had a daft private plate... I thought to myself... 'Well if I'd know that car had a private plate, I would never have let in it'... I got bad vibes about it all the way to work, by the time I arrived at the car park; it went off me, but I realised OMG could I be a tad judgemental... Seems I am... Cue list of things where I might make a preconceived judgement and might not warm to you as much as I should, I am a bad person...  1. People who say 'hump-day' instead

Sunday pipe dream...

We finally organised our back room, I have ideas, of waking before my kids and having moments of reading, mindfulness, coffee and calm.... 

Doorstep Lucky

I have this a few minutes from ours.... gorgeous fresh air and quiet, good for the soul.  Chorlton Ees 

That time when my neighbour posted on FB concern for my cat....

I can almost laugh about this now....  Jimmy T. Cat nothing skinny about me? So we had a visitor at home who petted our little cat Betty, she says I'm certain I saw her on FB the other week, a woman posted this very scruffy, skinny cat and made a plea for the owners to come forward for her....  So obvs, I went straight on our local pages on FB and there she is my lovely cat, there for all to see, a photo, where she does look bless her unkempt and a bit scruffy.  I was truly mortified, my little Betty is a rescue and has problems with her nerves, she's been back and forth to the vets with 'anxiety', she over-grooms in stress, perhaps she has flashbacks of her earlier life, mistreated and locked in cupboards. Perhaps we should get her some talking therapy?   Well you should have seen the comments, there was outrage... "Oh for gods' sake will someone please feed and water this cat", "OMG phone the RSPCA", "Some people don&#

Lenting.... giving up the sacrifice.... reaching out instead.....

Lent in the past for me has been about giving up chocolate, sugar, coffee, one perceived vice or another (to note I have never ever thought about sacrificing wine).  The girl child and hub quite often get on board and feel satisfied with themselves for laying off the crisps for forty days. Last year, I took a guided bible reading challenge, that being to read my bible every day throughout Lent.  Funny I called it a challenge, I'm not sure it was actually called or sold as a 'challenge'.  I didn't keep up with it, I felt the pressure of reading and was reading without comprehension, but I was ticking off the days as 'read'.   I've attended Church Lent group, the last two years and will do again this year.  This has put my Faith in the forefront of my mind during Lent, which I guess is the point of Lent.   A few weeks ago, I was moaning and being generally dramatic about the ordeal/ hell/ 'I'll never get over it' time I gave up coff

(my) Faith Matters (to me)

Thinking aloud, very loud, my indecision here for all to see.  Shall I step forward into my Faith:  1. Take 'introduction to minister' training.... I'm told it is one evening per week 2. Seek out a spiritual mentor... this a once per month sort of arrangement 3. Do the prayers during service, I'd be walked into it, I wouldn't have to write me own at first....  4. Become a communion assistant and help doll out the wine.... I reached out to a member of the clergy at my Church, he gave me some food for thought in dealing with a difficult relationship and I wanted to say thank you and discuss Faith/Christianity/Lent more.  So we went out for tea, I started off by saying, I'm probably the least christian christian at Church!  He laughed and said sort of mmmmmm..... Thing is my Faith is strong, I rejoice in my personal relationship with God, I pray and give thanks every day.  I do not read my bible every day, despite that it is a beautiful v