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We can go to the pub....

So it seems Saturday 4th July will mark a huge step towards normality... going to the pub....  I'm really not sure... and I like the pub... anyone who knows me will tell you how much I like pubs!  It could be I'm scared of people... of drunk people.... of how I'll behave if I have more than a couple.  Will we (I mean me!) be all over each other, can we maintain social distance?  Will we be so happy to be out and IN THE PUB, will we take this as a celebration to the end of quarantine/ isolation/ confinement/ lockdown.... and really go for it?  Evening out out!  For all my moaning... and I have moaned a lot.  I'm not ready to get the drinks in on Saturday (in an actual pub),  I'm scared, I read news sites and worry, about another spike, a second wave, and that stresses me more than heading into the first round of this. I'm not sure I could handle another prolonged lockdown, my positivity would defo dip. So I shall wait it out a while longer before g